Hello, and thank you for dropping in. Here's the 411.

2008: BFA California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA
Classically trained as a graphic designer

2010 – 2016: Professional print graphic designer
Los Angeles, CA
Junior to mid-level designer for: design firms, ad agencies, and real estate

2018: General Assembly
Santa Monica, CA
Transitioned into a UX/UI designer

2018: Full-time mid-level UX/UI designer at Beachbody, LLC.
Santa Monica, CA
Specialized in Design Systems for web, mobile, and TV platforms

Best professional compliment - Being instructed to clone myself
Favorite location - Tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia
Most known for - Possessing a disarming demeanor with a big smile
Spends time - Growing 60+ orchids, cycling, drawing, and traveling

Graphic design classical training combined with 4+ years of UI/UX work allow me to help make compelling visuals and experiences